Redefining Leadership

A transformative educational program for business professionals presented by Rise and Lead Institute beginning February 5, 2022.

Program Overview

Women are redefining what it means to be a leader with the skills and perspectives they bring to the table. Yet, only 29% of women make it to the executive level. How do we bridge the gender leadership gap?

Redefining Leadership is an accelerator program designed to help women connect with other experienced leaders, overcome internal barriers to success, and obtain a decision-making position.

Rise and Lead Institute created this new program based on the knowledge that having more women at top leadership is good for everyone. We believe that leadership is not about what you do but about who you are and how you leverage your gifts and others around you to effect change.

Our faculty of thought leaders and C-Suite executives will share strategies and real stories of their journeys to top leadership roles. In addition, they will share the lessons they have learned and offer support to future women leaders as a way to pay it forward.

Program Structure

The Women Redefining Leadership program is divided into three modules of three days per module over the course of three months. The program combines exercises, group discussion, small learning teams, and peer and facilitated coaching..


The first module helps you know who you are and understand what drives you and what beliefs either support or hinder your growth. You will be guided through the following steps:

  • Align your goals and visions with your values
  • Uncover outdated leadership myths
  • Find opportunities that reveal you are on the right path
  • Confront self-doubt and perfectionism
Module 2: Acceleration

The second module assists you in leveraging your internal network -- including your current team -- to achieve your goals. Developing healthy work habits and avoiding burnout is a critical part of this stage of growth, and we will equip you with new strategies that focus on your physical and mental well-being.

Module 3: Amplification

The third module focuses on increasing your visibility, taking advantage of opportunities, seeking out rewarding challenges, and doing your best work in a place that recognizes and rewards you. In other words, we will help you navigate above the glass cliff that prevents many women from reaching their full potential.

Each module will follow this format:

  • Three days of learning sessions with world-class thought leaders and a community of senior women leaders across industries who share similar commitments, concerns, and business challenges.
  • Two group coaching sessions designed to uncover and remove internal blocs.
  • Two individual executive coaching calls with top executives.
  • Worksheets and resources to help you continue working on your skills.

Corporate Benefits

We believe that every individual has a unique gift and deserves the opportunity to contribute through these gifts. We also believe that everything is learnable.

Therefore, we are inviting global companies passionate about increasing the number of women in their leadership pipeline to sponsor their high-potential women in their mid-senior careers to register for Women Redefining Leadership.

We know that advancing women to top leadership improves a company's business performance. Our leadership training and coaching programs will help your women leaders thrive.

The Women Redefining Leadership program can be offered to organizations in-house with dedicated teams or cross-functional teams. With its practical, hands-on approach, the program’s strategies can be implemented right away at work.


Module One: Your Journey To The Top

This program will help you discover what drives you and explore the hidden beliefs and habits that prevent you from taking action. Instead of waiting to be promoted, you will understand your values and develop the confidence to ask for top positions.

You will design your advancement plan and understand the key competencies you need to hone to rise to the top. We will ignite your thoughts and expose beliefs that have held you back in asking for top leadership positions.

What You Will Learn:

  1. 1
    Unlocking your “sweet spot”
  2. 2
    .  Crafting a compelling vision for your career
  3. 3
    .  Eliminating barriers to your growth plan
  4. 4
    .  Creating your success path
  5. 5
    .  Cultivating the confidence and courage to ask for promotions and raises
  6. 6
    .  Building relationships and networking strategically with decision-makers

Learning Outcomes and Takeaways:

  • A framework to engage your personal squad
  • A set of skills and interests to decide what you want
  • An alignment in what you do and your strengths to help you succeed
  • A strategic visioning framework to map out your path
  • A clarified list of goals and priorities
  • A clear set of values that match the corporate vision


Module Two: Accelerate Your Leadership Journey

The thought of managing people and resources, navigating tough conversations, making bold decisions, and gaining trust can be daunting. Feelings of self-doubt can keep you from striving to top leadership positions.

This module will provide you with the tools and strategies to increase your confidence and equip you to thrive in your new leadership role.

You will learn to recognize the skills you already possess and which ones you need to develop in order to influence and inspire people to support your vision.

You will learn how to lead a team, tackle your responsibilities, and manage your first 90 days on the job.

What You Will Learn:

  1. 1
    .  Establishing your leadership style
  2. 2
    .  Building and cultivating trust with peers and subordinates
  3. 3
    .  Developing cultural awareness and emotional intelligence
  4. 4
    .  Mentoring your team to achieve results
  5. 5
    .  Decision making and problem-solving skills
  6. 6
    .  Handling difficult conversations with grace
  7. 7
    .  Creating balance and managing work-life integration

Learning Outcomes and Takeaways:

  • A sense of Increased leadership confidence
  • The tools to build a relationship with your team
  • A sample of your first 90-day plan
  • The steps to positively engage in difficult conversations


Module Three: Amplify Your Impact

Our final module will help you define your leadership style and strengthen your management skills. You will learn how to develop your voice and presence, communicate more clearly and effectively, make tough decisions, solve problems, and build strategic relationships.

What You Will Learn:

  1. 1
    .  Building a solid personal brand
  2. 2
    .  Becoming more visible with your thought leadership
  3. 3
    .  Developing communication that has impact
  4. 4
    . Navigating office dynamics and learning to play the game
  5. 5
    . Focusing on the strategic skills of a leader
  6. 6
    .  Advocating for gender leadership and leaving a legacy

Learning Outcomes and Takeaways:

  • An understanding of your blind spot
  • A growing network with other top women leaders
  • A set of change initiatives for elevating women in your company

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About The Course Teacher,

Ebere Akadiri

Founder and Program Chair

Ebere Akadiri, CEO of Rise and Lead Women, has been described as “an inspiring role model to Women” and an influential leader helping women in business to connect with decision-makers and get a seat at the table.

Ebere Akadiri is a leadership strategist, serial entrepreneur, inclusion advocate and host of a top leadership podcast. Drawing on decades of business and leadership experience, she helps women to realise their leadership potential, build confidence and enjoy successful careers and businesses. Ebere has made it her mission to inspire leaders to drive the change to make workplaces more equitable and inclusive while building connections across businesses.

Ebere also founded Ataro Foods and Ataro Marketplace. These companies blend and package spices and provide a platform for minority entrepreneurs to sell their products in Europe and across the world. A former multi-branch restaurant owner with 22 years of business experience, Ebere now dedicates her time to advising small businesses and corporate executives.

Ebere regularly writes and speaks about Leadership, Inclusion and Entrepreneurship. She has spoken at various conferences and industry events.

Follow Ebere on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram to read her thoughts and insights on inclusive leadership.

Pricing Plan


Module One:
Your Journey To The Top
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  • Access to All Modules


Module Two:
Accelerate Your Leadership Journey
  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules


Module Three:
Amplify Your Impact
  • Lifetime Access
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